Step - 1 Browse

Start shopping by browsing the categories or typing in the product you want in the search bar on the top left of the screen. You can toggle between sizes and click on the add button to include it in your shopping cart. To view more details, click on the product. You could also previous order history My Account to view items you have shopped for in the past and quickly re-order them!

Step 2 – Login or Register

In order to complete the checkout process and place your order, login to your bagathome account. In case you are a new user, you will need to register first.

Step 3 – Checkout

Once you are done shopping, click on Checkout to review your cart. You can add/delete products and then move on to the Next Step (Shipping Address) or Continue Shopping in case you’ve forgotten something.

Step  4 – Delivery Details

We aim to make grocery delivery as convenient for you as we can! You can customize your Bagathome delivery to suit your needs:

1. On the Shipping Address page - select an address for delivery, add any specific instructions you may want us to keep in mind.
2. Once done, write your prefered time in remarks and proceed.

Step 5 – Pay

You can choose to pay online through your Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking facilities or once your receive your order through our Cash on Delivery option.

Step 6 – Order Confirmation

Once you select Confirm Order, it is immediately processed internally and you will see a unique Order ID on your screen. You will also receive a confirmation email on the registered ID with all order details including Order ID, products ordered and shipping address.